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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Archive Post #1 - from Gingerology - originally posted April 7, 2010

...and now for something completely different...

...with major apologies to the Python Brothers...

BTW, hope y'all got to see the George Stevens bio if you wanted to...sorry for the lack of 'reminder'...long story short, I went into work Monday with a swollen face, decided to go to the dentist for x-rays, had an infected molar, had a root canal performed (note this was STILL doubt a 'Garfield Monday'...) - and of course afterwards, have been out of commission for a few days... just now feeling a bit closer to 'normal'...

But, as for the George Stevens deal - have not seen it (have it taped, tho), but is basically a documentary of his career... probably more than a few references to Ginger in there, as he was quite smitten with her... sounds familiar, no? :-P

Anyway, have been kicking around a few ideas here and there for a 'post GingerMarch post'... and thought, "hey, how about a poll?" Y'all seem to enjoy those, so...
Here goes... this poll is a MAJOR departure for me, since it...well, basically is a 'non-positive' poll concerning Ginger... pretty shocking stuff, eh?
Over the last few weeks, I have heard many ramblings (from myself included) on various blogs on the topic of Ginger's hairstyles in various movies...most are quite favorable, as to be expected; but there are a few which were determined to be not the best 'look' for VKM... so I have noted a few (actually, three) of the movies where the 'predominant' hair style Ginger dons throughout the film is...really not up to 'Ginger Standards'... I have added pictures of these three styles from the three movies (in chronological order), as listed comment from me on any of the three, lest I sway you... all of the movies are great, tho...

................................"Roxie Hart"

.........................."Lady In The Dark"

.................................."Tight Spot" ...'winner' of this poll...

OK - I have placed the poll widgit up on the top right of the blog... can only vote for one...hey, there's only three choices, right? Again, Ginger's hair is awesome, no matter what...I think it is pretty much flawless when done up the right way... but these styles... just didn't work, for the most part... although there IS one of the three above I really think is not too bad... won't say which until after the proceedings...

Vote if you so desire...and tell your friends!

Keep It Gingery!



  1. *raises hand like a 5 year old* I know! I know! I know which one!...but I won't tell! Hope youre feeling better!
  2. ...Thanks, SG! I am moseying on into work tomorrow... should be able to make it thru tomorrow and Friday... really not feeling too bad...trouble is, I have to back to my dentist, and he has to cap it or crown it or something... more $$$ and probably more 'discomfort'... oh well... what can ya do? :-\

    Yeah, this poll has been rattling around the ol' noggin for a bit...even tho it is 'non-positive', it is still kind of interesting to see which one is really not liked...

    Hey, also got 'I'll Be Seeing You' done looking for it and 'FF' soon...

    Alright...headed to bed - need to rest up a bit... Later - PG Huey
  3. I wonder if SassyGinger voted for the one where she said that whoever was responsible for Ginger's hairstyle should be hung by his toes. That one has my vote though the picture here doesn't do justice to how bad the "do" is.

    Gee Huey, feel better quick! You've had a rough couple of days!
  4. LOL. Nope I actually voted for Tight Spot...sorry just can't stand that one. I mean look at those gorgeous curls in movies like Barkleys and It Had To Be You....and in Tight Spot....theres nothing...althought Im not sure Ginger's really long hair would have worked for a part like Sherry Conley.
  5. If I remember correctly from Ginger's biography, the Tight Spot hair do was self-induced, and once done she had regrets. I'm too lazy to search for that passage. I was rather taken aback at her hair when I started watching Tight Spot. Then in thinking about it, I thought the hair fit the character perfectly. Sherry Conley had a hard edge to her - certainly not a glamor girl. I do think Ginger played the part very well. As for her hair in LITD, they shouldn't have done that to her. It wasn't necessary, so my vote here is in sympathy with Ginger. :)
  6. It's been awhile since I've seen Tight Spot but have to agree that it hosts the worst Ginger-do out of all her films. Though Roxie Hart is a close second! ;)
  7. The short hair - not neccesarily self-imposed. It was half imposed by "The Frenchman"....and in the words of Forrest Gump "Thats all I have to say about that!"
  8. Please tell your molar to treat you a little nicer – got a molar crowned myself a couple years ago. But I can't complain, feels just like a normal molar now.

    Tight Spot picture: Well, Ginger hasn't got much of a high forehead, so the bang makes her look a little flat. But 1933, in „Flying Down to Rio“, her bang looked pretty swell. I don't know why it's so.

    I dislike Gingers hairdo in the last part of „Follow the Fleet“ (Lets Face the Music and Dance), it makes her even look older. But I adore her curls in all the other scenes of that movie. In Swingtime and Top Hat she looks swell too. Seems I'm not up-to-date here in the present 40s, but I don't mind being old-fashioned.
  9. Fioraon - Thanks for the kind words! I am pretty much over the tooth debacle, but now pollen has 'set in'... April is never kind to PG Huey...and of course, April 25 is a dark day in Gingerology, the date of Ginger's passing... NOBODY this side of the IRS likes April 15th... so, this month just isn't where it's at... but I guess there are a also lot of cool things in April... Easter happened in April this year, which is really the MOST important date in Christianity... and trees, flowers and stuff are growing, after all the pollen fades... Baseball starts up... so there you go.

    SG - Tight Spot - just does not work... I know the movie role was for a 'female inmate'...obviously couldn't go with mondo curls or anything... but still. I voted for... 'Lady In The Dark'. Why? Mainly because I figured 'Tight Spot' would be a slam dunk... I always root for the 'underdogs'...(Cubbies fan, you know? :-] ) ...and yes, for Roxie, I just love that movie so much, the hair almost works regardless... The LITD 'do is just...weird looking - period.

    Gingerella - thanks for the input! Well, since you mentioned it, Roxie is actually the one I KINDA like, at least in theory... it DOES define the character pretty well...I mean, I almost forget it's Ginger at that good or bad? I am not big on the 'sideburn curly-q's', and it is a bit TOO 'frizzy', so overall, it made the list... but the other two are just a bit more 'off', to me...

    CS - Thanks for the encouragement! Glad to hear molars DO become 'normal' again...actually, the tooth worked on is just in front of a 'crowned' tooth... so I am running a lot of 'false pearlys' on that side of the yapper... oh well, all this dental work helps the economy, right? :-]
    Ginger had a lot of 'ups and downs' in the GandF films...I did not try to delve into those, but just focused on the 'main characters' with hairstyles which they kept pretty much throughout the movie.
  10. I don't like very much her hair in Roxie Hart, but I really don't like in Tight Spot. So, I vote Tight Spot.

    As I already told in other places, I'm going to order this. And if I really get it: there are certain DVD-Boxes, that are very interesting!

    And this isn't all ...
  12. Camille - I agree - Tight Spot just was not the best, hair-wise... roxie - eh, as mentioned above, was not all that bad, IMHO... it REALLY changed her look - almost forget it's Ginger (which is pretty interesting...and disturbing, in my case... :-/ )

    Great links, Clarissa! Hope you get all the ones you are looking for! It's great to find copies of them out there...

  13. You think so, yes? Thank you ... I was really afraid, it could be phony stuff. But if those mighty S*W*E*L*L DVD-Boxes shouldn't exist: IT WOULD BE A NATIONAL C+A+L+A+M+I+T+Y!!!
    So they'd bedda' exist.
  14. This certainly isn't a "national calamity" at all. I shouldn't have said that, but I had read the Hollywood-Sign-Calamity after this one.

    I'm sorry - pleasant dreams everybody.
  15. Well, these are probably NOT 'studio boxes', but typically they are fair quality... I've only gotten 'burned' once on a movie I bought on eBay - that was 'Lady In The Dark'...somebody basically took the 10 minute sections from YouTube and spliced them together (quite badly, since there is a 5-second gap between the 'splices') - the picture is of course pretty bad, also...

    Calamity... just what constitutes a calamity, anyway? For me, anything that would adversely affect access to any Ginger media would definitely qualify...

    Hope those are good copies of those films, Clarissa!


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