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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Archive Post #2 - from Gingerology - originally posted January 17, 2012

Tight Spot on DVD... part of the third installment of the TCM Vault Collection of Film Noir Classics - all Columbia Pictures features... Here's the link:

Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics III - TCM Vault Collection

This one is a pretty interesting one, if you haven't seen it... Ginger's role is pretty major in this one, as she's the 'center of attention'... she plays Sherry Conley (I've always dug the name 'Sherry'...and it works for Ginger, too...), a prisoner who is 'released into police custody' as a potential 'star witness' in a mob boss trial...but of course the mob makes it interesting, to say the least...
Ginger is awesome in it, to be expected (she loved role types folks didn't expect her to play), but...dang that Bergerac giving her that hairstyle! It just throws off the whole 'GingerExperience' for me, just a bit, anyway...but heck, the pic below really shows how she 'transcends' the 'do, and still just radiates...
And as a 'side note', Ginger was 44 when she made this one, which is the current age as that's pretty cool from where I sit, anyway...AND, y'all know how I dig the 'middle-aged' Ginger anyway, so... there ya go.

This one gets pretty good airplay on TCM (it was on just a few days ago...), but, being the raving Gingerologist that I am, I will most likely pop on this...hopefully there will be some 'extra features' or at least a bit of commentary... 'General Commentary' is noted from Martin Scorsese, so that's something... he's a BIG advocate of film restoration, so aces to Mr Scorsese!
OK - what's ahead? Well, 'Change of Heart' is on the clock for Review #20... should be done with it by week's end, Saturday at the latest... and, I also am wanting to 'revamp' the audio section of the site... the audio of 'Ginger: My Story' will remain, but GingerTunes needs a bit of tweaking... I just need to sit down and sort out all the tunes I have, many of which need to be 'transferred' from LP... hopefully I can get started on that...
Hope all of y'all are having a great week, and getting back to 'normal'...

KIG, y'all!


  1. Totally agree with you, Huey, on both counts. Ginger played her role on Tight Spot very well,

  2. ...just remember, I'd still rather see Ginger on a bad hair day than ANYBODY else on ANY other day, if that makes sense...

    ...I just have trouble spending $45 bones on this one... there's 5 movies in the set, which I guess is an OK deal, but then again, the WB 'four-pack' movies are typically $20 or less. It's one of those where if I don't buy it, it will NEVER be at a lower price; but if I DO buy it, the price 6 months from now will be $10 or something... I can't win on these deals, EVER...

    KIG, Lady F!!!